Hosanna Maria Lopez-Barrios

My name is Hosanna Maria Lopez-Barrios, I’m Uruguayan-American. I am from Philadelphia, PA and I go to West High school. I’ve been an artist before I even knew how to write my name! I am inspired by those around me and enjoy including the identities of those from my community. I strongly believe that people, our bodies and our faces tell stories. We carry our families and our ancestors. My art reflects my cultural roots and the communities that make me feel most at home. 

Meet our students! (2021)

Cristina Jimenez

Comunidades Unidas is a non profit organization that supports immigrant communities. Our mission is to empower individuals to reach their fullest potential as community members with a positive focus for change. I have been at Comunidades Unidas for 8 months. I started off volunteering and then later on I joined Our Voices which is their youth group. Our voices has taught me how essential it is to use our voice to fight for what’s right, to be empathetic and to acknowledge experiences. I have been engaged during Election Day at the polls, covid vaccine clinics and now I have an internship with CU. Here I share resources to local families in the community regarding COVID19. I am very grateful for all the opportunities Comunidades Unidas has given me!