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Sharay Juarez

Hola! My name is Sharay Juárez, I was born and raised in Glendale, SLC, UT. I have been member of MAA for 3 years. what I love about MAA, is having a connection with my community that helps me stay proactive while helping latinx and other minorities who lack representation. I love creating a safe space, uplifting their voices in issues they care about and aiding the youth toward success in education. While being active in current issues that effect us as a community, I am able to express freely with art. I am currently studying education at Salt Lake Community College! My hobbies consist of doing art such as pencil work and painting! I also love to do outdoor activities.

Carlos Gonzales

Carlos is pursing Computer Engineering. Like most of you, he is a first generation college student born and raised in Salt Lake City. He enjoys playing video games, listening to music music, watching movies, and learning new things! He has been part of MECHA, ALPHA, Diversity Scholars, Beacon Scholars, and Second Year Experience. He also worked as a math tutor for first year students in CESA. He enjoys helping students because he knows the feeling of being lost and needing help.

Cristina Velazquez

Hi! My name is Cristina. I am currently a University of Utah junior majoring in economics and Political Science. I came to the United States from Lima, Peru when I was three years old. I am passionate about helping my community in any way I can.

Elizabeth Estrada

Hello! My name is Elizabeth Estrada-Murillo. I am an undergraduate student at the University of Utah. I am majoring in Secondary Education and my emphasis is going to be in history. I joined MAA my junior year of high school and became a mentor once I was able to. The work that we do plays a significant role in my life. We get a chance to research issues that affect us and our community, we use our personal experiences as well which makes this; participatory action research. This gives us a chance to verbalize our concerns while researching it and having dialogues with our community.

Yair Marin

Hi y’all! My name is Yair. Aspiring educator and dreamer. Love working with students to find common interests and work our way to the top towards higher education. I always look forward to hearing your thoughts on issues impacting our communities.

Itzel Nava

Padiuxh! My identity, language and culture sprout from the lands of Oaxaca. I am Zapotec, the people of the clouds. I am a student, organizer and Glendale community member. I am a First Generation student at the University of Utah majoring in Political Science & Sociology. I am passionate about education and community organizing. 

Much of the work I do is connected to the arts, I love being able to express myself and advocate for my community through writing, painting and pottery. I envision a community where students, educators, families, and faculty are able to learn from one another, resulting in a holistic and rewarding collaborative learning environment.

Leticia Alvarez Gutiérrez, Ph.D.

¡Nári chúskuski! I am the MAA Faculty Advisor.  I am a first generation Puréprecha Xicana who grew up along the San Diego-Tijuana border. I am an Associate Professor in the Department of Education, Culture & Society at the University of Utah. I am committed to community-based participatory action research focusing on the everyday experiences of young people as it intersects with education, family-school relationships, immigration, zero tolerance policies and educational equity. You can see more of Leticia’s background and research at:

Twitter: MAACollective