Project Title:
Anti-Child Abuse Project

Fall 2012 – Spring 2013

We are a group of young men and women of color from the Mestizo Arts &Activism (MAA) collective. We are high school students who chose to do a project on child abuse. We decided to do this blog because we’ve heard stories about child abuse and realized that these stories are not usually heard, and we think everyone should be aware of these untold narratives. We wanted to create a blog where people can share their experiences anonymously. We hope that these shared stories will resonate with other survivors and help them in their own healing process in the realization that they are not alone. Overall, we hope that this blog will help bring awareness to the issue of child abuse in order to create change in our communities.

Documentation of Outcomes:
The MAA Anti-Abuse Group Crated a short video featuring three high school teachers responding to the importance of supporting survivors of child-abuse.