Project Title:
Art and Empowerment

Dates Active:
Spring 2013

We are children of art. We stand together as Musicians, Singers, Artists, Writers, educators, and more importantly as humans. Our mission is to empower people and bring voice to the image of art, encourage people to express themselves to create a sense of community.

We Are Walking Art.

The Art and Empowerment group was made up of individuals with varying levels and skillsets, but everyone was on the same page with regards to the power of imagery and art, especially in the lives of young people.

With this mind, the project group collaborated with an elementary school in the neighborhood to design a mural that would be hung inside the gymnasium. MAA Youth researchers designed and facilitated focus groups with students ranging from 1st to 6th grade, gathering important ideas about their perception on community, education, and aspirations. The project worked throughout the spring 2013 and partially into the summer, began phases of sketching murals that incorporated these ideas, and moved onto painting the final designs onto particleboard.

Sketch 1

Sketch 2